Sunday, July 6, 2008

New York closer now Philly 4th

We spent 4th of July with Josh, a biker we met on the road 8 miles outside of the heart of the city. He showed us a good time and was a sweet host. Two words.... ROCK BAND.

We decided to spend the day in historic skate mecca, Love Park. Security was weak due to the holiday and we were able to get some runs in. Goosebumps were common place when thinking about all that had went down on the very ground on which we stepped. Later we realized that performance bike shop had sold us a bike without a rear brake spring. James Lagen had ridden his bike over the penn mountains with this bike problem since Columbus. We were unable to get it fixed here in philly so we just have to keep going on. 96 miles to new york city. Monday afternoon is our projected time of arrival. Its becoming kind of emotional knowing that we are so close to our goal. Spike O'dell of WGN radio back at home asked me last week "have you fallen in love with anyone on this trip?" I told him that i had not. But after some thought I felt that i should retract my statement. I have fallen in love. I fell in love with this great country side and the beauty of the rolling hills. I had fallen in love with the beautiful sunsets. I had fallen in love with nature. I had fallen in love with living and being able to experience a portion of what this world has to offer.

shreding on,

The Shred America Team

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