Tuesday, July 1, 2008

8 Days Steve Dave

Chambersburgh seemed like a eternity after a day in Breezewood, Pa. We are nearly out of this beautiful rough patch of ups and downs associated with the Appalachain Mountains. Pushing these awesomely heavy carts up the hills takes more out of you than the grilled cheese we ate. We hope to make it to Philly by the 4th of July via a 24 hour energy drink marathon striaght into New York City. We seem to be leaving later and later but still manage to make the milage for the day and gather some great footage in the meantime.
We have met some pretty interesting people along the way in PA. They all have very interesting stories to tell. Some inspirational, some heartwarming, and some sad.
We would like to wish Joe Barker a belated birthday. We hope your date of birth is an unforgetable one.
As the finish line approaches we look back and reflect on the good and bad times we have had knowing this is truely an unforgetable experience...But it doesn't end here. We still have 200 miles to go.

This World is beautiful.

Shred America

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Jimmy said...

Whats up guys! Glad to see you made it to New York safely!

Me and my brother met you in Thomasville, Pennsylvania outside of that little store. I had the silver Toyota Camry.

My mom said you guys called her to let her know about being on tv this morning, but she forgot to tell me and I missed it. Oh well, I'm gonna give you guys a call soon and keep in touch :) Have fun in NY! Talk to ya soon!