Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heading Down Route 30

We made it into Mt. Pleasant, Pa last night after some rough uphills. Here we met up with two young woman Revee and Jessica whom we exchanged stories with before the shred team made camp in the back yard and went to bed. Today we will be heading through some even bigger hills down route 30 untill we are reunited with a Pennsylvania bike route created to avoid some of the monser inclines and make it easier for the entire team.


Brian said...

Hey bro! Finish strong and come back soon!
Saw your newspaper articles. Awesome stuff!
You guys stopping in Philly?

Shred America said...

yea we are stopping in the skate mecca of the USA for sure.
thanks alot bro.


Mount Pleasant Free Public Library said...

Thank you for visiting Mount Pleasant Public Library. We saw you on Good Morning America this morning. Congratulations on a successful trip and come back and visit us anytime.