Friday, June 13, 2008

New Albany, OH (Mike got run over by James Lagen)

Riding through the city streets of Columbus, OH at nighttime we come across two male figures. As we discuss with them our adventure and planned route to New Albany through the heart of the city we were told of the hidden dangers that surrounded the Shred America Team. Despite what the locals said we saw nothing but beauty of in the city lights. A familiarity that seemed similar to the streets of Chicago yet paled slightly in comparison. It was 12 in the morning. Mike and I were still on the road. Bike troubles had forced our camera men to take a ride into New Albany 4 hours prior. Currently, the Shred Team is working on preparations for the Appalachian Mountains, lightening our carts dramatically for the hills and only taking that which is nessesary.

P.S : Mike ate pavement and was then promptly run over by James on his bike. James was then immediately ejected from his mountain cruiser and trapped beneath the rubble of his wrecked bicycle .

Ohio Hi Point- 33 mph hill could that be much less dangerous then riding along side the free way shoulder?


On another topic Heat + Humidity + Sun = Suck ...
thought you would all like to know

Shred America

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