Monday, June 2, 2008

June 2, 2008- We Depart Today On Our 1000 miles skateboard journey

It's 3 in the morning. I just finished cleaning up after our "Shred America Kick Off BBQ" and am very tired. James is sleeping in a bed behind me. Arthur has been at home sleeping for quite a while as is Tony. We will be writing these blogs during our skate trip to New York. Here we will be letting you know exactly what is going on, on the road and with us. 
We will be on the air today with Jonathan Brandmeier on WLUP 97.9 FM The Loop at around 6AM. If you live in the Chicagoland area be sure to tune in. If not you can listen to the show online at
There will be a link on our site that will direct you to these blogs. So whenever you want to check in with us click on it and it will lead you to these. 
The Shred America Team wants to thank all our friend and family along with our sponsors and our fans for believing in us and helping us out a tremendous amount. Thank You!!!
I'm going to go and try to get a little sleep because I know tomorrow will get pretty intense.

Keep checking back on these blogs as well as our website for the most recent news. Send us out an email, 



camo said...

Hey Guys,

My name is Lou williams and I met you going by the school I teach at in CHicago. I figured you would go near there, but I was surprised to see you going by at a little before 2pm. You obviously didn't leave on time. I listened to you on Johnny B ealier and I was interested in your adventure. It was really cool meeting you and I wish you a lot of luck. I wish I would have thought of it ealier you could have stayed at my house in Highland Indiana for your first night.

CBrownColors said...

WOW! I can't wait to see the pics of what you do and see oh and of all the tricks and tricks attempted too I'm sure :-P

KWD said...

How did day 2 go?

bigrick said...

hey guys
how's it going this rick,haili and peaches we met in warsaw In at the campground,pike lake we hope everything is going great for you all cant wait to see the updates thru your journey hope you all have great weather great times and great health

Getmea-Skateboard said...

Hey, guys...good luck on your journey. From what I heard on Johnny B's show, it was a little bumpy! Hope you didn't skate around the tunnel...should have "skitched" a ride on someone's bumper. Watch out for photographers! They have a wierd sense of humor...!

bigjohn_p19 said...

hay guys just seeing how u r doing after last night i was the guy that hald your bikes and bord to breezwood pa . well have fun be safe good luck.get back to me if u wood.