Sunday, June 8, 2008

We Are In Ohio!!!!

Blistering heat and south westernly winds seemed to be an attempt by mother nature to push the Shred America Team to its breaking point. But at the end of week one we have made it into Ohio. The Shred Team is averaging about 40 miles per day. Once we made it to Warsaw, IN it was time to kick back and relax for two nights. There we were helped out by Bruce, a local that heard about our trek. We have been meeting so many inspiring people. Some open there hearts, others open there ears and others open there hands to show us the good ol' FINGER. We are all glad that we have made it throughIndiana and hope to be out of Ohio by the end of this week (weather permiting). We are becoming stonger and stronger as the days pass despite major setbacks. I wish i could write more...but i accidently broke the washer here at the hotel and hand washing clothes isnt a game...its for sho.


Shred on,


On behalf of the Shred America Team

thanks and see you in NY

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