Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA

After tough and vigorous terrain the Shred America team have found shelter in Dave DeNoma house right outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.(He is the photographer responsible for the Shred America photo in the New York Post) His dog Rocko seems to have become our new mascot running around the backyard licking at our faces majestically. His talent for picking up the American flag in his mouth and waving it around has warmed the Shred America team's heart. We will be in Pittsburgh all day today gathering what we hope to be some interesting documentary footage for the film. Tony took a hard fall and dislocated his shoulder, he is feeling better and this rest in Pittsburgh will give him a chance to heal up for the rest of our journey. Mike is super stoked for the Warhol museum here in Pittsburgh, him being a huge fan of the artist. We head back on the road tomorrow morning. 

Happy 11th Anniversary to Dave and Robin. We give you a Shred America Hi-Five!

Take Care and see you in New York, 

Shred America  

p.s.- He need a place to stay in Harrisburg, PA and Philly. Hit us back. 


betsy said...

too bad your not coming through hanover its just south of harrisburg

Ben said...

Good luck be safe and shred the Big Apple!