Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heading Down Route 30

We made it into Mt. Pleasant, Pa last night after some rough uphills. Here we met up with two young woman Revee and Jessica whom we exchanged stories with before the shred team made camp in the back yard and went to bed. Today we will be heading through some even bigger hills down route 30 untill we are reunited with a Pennsylvania bike route created to avoid some of the monser inclines and make it easier for the entire team.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA

After tough and vigorous terrain the Shred America team have found shelter in Dave DeNoma house right outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.(He is the photographer responsible for the Shred America photo in the New York Post) His dog Rocko seems to have become our new mascot running around the backyard licking at our faces majestically. His talent for picking up the American flag in his mouth and waving it around has warmed the Shred America team's heart. We will be in Pittsburgh all day today gathering what we hope to be some interesting documentary footage for the film. Tony took a hard fall and dislocated his shoulder, he is feeling better and this rest in Pittsburgh will give him a chance to heal up for the rest of our journey. Mike is super stoked for the Warhol museum here in Pittsburgh, him being a huge fan of the artist. We head back on the road tomorrow morning. 

Happy 11th Anniversary to Dave and Robin. We give you a Shred America Hi-Five!

Take Care and see you in New York, 

Shred America  

p.s.- He need a place to stay in Harrisburg, PA and Philly. Hit us back. 

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New albany over and out

We head out of New Albany, OH today fresh and on brand new bikes hopefully ready for the hills. we also bought helmets.


-Shred America

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Albany, OH (Mike got run over by James Lagen)

Riding through the city streets of Columbus, OH at nighttime we come across two male figures. As we discuss with them our adventure and planned route to New Albany through the heart of the city we were told of the hidden dangers that surrounded the Shred America Team. Despite what the locals said we saw nothing but beauty of in the city lights. A familiarity that seemed similar to the streets of Chicago yet paled slightly in comparison. It was 12 in the morning. Mike and I were still on the road. Bike troubles had forced our camera men to take a ride into New Albany 4 hours prior. Currently, the Shred Team is working on preparations for the Appalachian Mountains, lightening our carts dramatically for the hills and only taking that which is nessesary.

P.S : Mike ate pavement and was then promptly run over by James on his bike. James was then immediately ejected from his mountain cruiser and trapped beneath the rubble of his wrecked bicycle .

Ohio Hi Point- 33 mph hill could that be much less dangerous then riding along side the free way shoulder?


On another topic Heat + Humidity + Sun = Suck ...
thought you would all like to know

Shred America

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The PO Police

Hey everyone,

We are in Belefontaine, OH and ready to make a break for New Albany, which is right outside of Columbus. Since we are unable to take major highways in the majority of this fine state we must zig zag around town with the help of mapquest. Everyone is doing pretty well. We slept like babies last night and the weather wasn't that much of a problem. We have no phone signal! Well James does, but Mike and I dont.

Ohio is pretty rad!!!

See you in NEW YORK!

-Mike & Arthur-

Sunday, June 8, 2008

We Are In Ohio!!!!

Blistering heat and south westernly winds seemed to be an attempt by mother nature to push the Shred America Team to its breaking point. But at the end of week one we have made it into Ohio. The Shred Team is averaging about 40 miles per day. Once we made it to Warsaw, IN it was time to kick back and relax for two nights. There we were helped out by Bruce, a local that heard about our trek. We have been meeting so many inspiring people. Some open there hearts, others open there ears and others open there hands to show us the good ol' FINGER. We are all glad that we have made it throughIndiana and hope to be out of Ohio by the end of this week (weather permiting). We are becoming stonger and stronger as the days pass despite major setbacks. I wish i could write more...but i accidently broke the washer here at the hotel and hand washing clothes isnt a game...its for sho.


Shred on,


On behalf of the Shred America Team

thanks and see you in NY

Monday, June 2, 2008

June 2, 2008- We Depart Today On Our 1000 miles skateboard journey

It's 3 in the morning. I just finished cleaning up after our "Shred America Kick Off BBQ" and am very tired. James is sleeping in a bed behind me. Arthur has been at home sleeping for quite a while as is Tony. We will be writing these blogs during our skate trip to New York. Here we will be letting you know exactly what is going on, on the road and with us. 
We will be on the air today with Jonathan Brandmeier on WLUP 97.9 FM The Loop at around 6AM. If you live in the Chicagoland area be sure to tune in. If not you can listen to the show online at
There will be a link on our site that will direct you to these blogs. So whenever you want to check in with us click on it and it will lead you to these. 
The Shred America Team wants to thank all our friend and family along with our sponsors and our fans for believing in us and helping us out a tremendous amount. Thank You!!!
I'm going to go and try to get a little sleep because I know tomorrow will get pretty intense.

Keep checking back on these blogs as well as our website for the most recent news. Send us out an email,